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Plumber, electrical& carpenter technicians (Non Saudis can apply here)

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Job Responsibility:
  • Assist in maintenance, repairs and technical operations at construction sites including Aramco projects
  • Follow supervisor and engineer instructions to achieve their task at the site, offices and labour accommodation facilities
  • Follow HSE procedures at all work premises including Aramco site requirements and work permit receiver instructions
  • Operate hand tools and basic construction equipment (plumping or electrical or carpenter)
  • Assist in logistics and inventory related tasks
  • Coordinate with foremen, site supervisors and engineers to achieve their task objectives according to safety, schedule, technical and quality requirements including standards at Aramco sites
Job Requirements:
  • Have a minimum high school qualification and 4-year experience as a technician (plumping or electrical or carpenter) preferably in construction\contractor company [or] Have a technical diploma in the area of specialization (plumping or electrical or carpenter) with at least 2 year experience preferably in construction\contractor company
  • Have professional certification or training in the technical field of specialization (plumping or electrical or carpenter) such as CWQAP, safety of technical inspection
  • Familiar with construction HSE procedures and requirements including Aramco standards
  • Aware of toolbox and hand tools safety precautions
  • HSE basic knowledge of construction work at sites preferably in Aramco projects
  • Basic knowledge of Saudi labour regulations and preferably Aramco regulations
  • Responsible, reliable and safety cautious avoiding troubles and reckless decisions
  • Good manners, professional attitude and ability to work under pressure
  • English language and other professional skills (i.e. digital literacy) are needed
  • candidates from Philippines, India and Nepal are preferred