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Civil\construction Supervisor (Saudis only)

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Job Responsibility:
  • Inspect, instruct, supervise and coordinate workers and technicians to meet safety, schedule, technical and quality requirements including standards at Aramco sites
  • Coordinate with logistics employees and construction manager to ensure access pass and schedule of manpower, equipment and materials arriving and leaving sites according to plans
  • Mitigate workforce conflicts and ensure cooperative atmosphere for smooth work flow including breaktime, and task\schedule distribution
  • Monitor and control performance with KPIs, reports and coordinate decisions with management for bonus, overtime and penalties (i.e. warnings, deductions)
  • Engage in planning and reporting project progress with engineers and managers
Job Requirements:
  • Driving license and flexibility to relocate between different sites and offices
  • Have technical diploma in project management related areas with at least 4 year experience in construction\contracting companies [or] Have university qualification in project management related areas with at least 2 year experience in construction\contracting companies
  • Leadership, conflict and team management skills
  • HSE basic knowledge of construction work at sites preferably in Aramco projects
  • Thorough knowledge of Saudi labour regulations and familiar with Aramco regulations, standards and requirements
  • Good manners, professional attitude and ability to work under pressure
  • English language and professional certifications are needed such as PMP, safety and technical inspection